The platform

Play Maestro is the name of the platform utilized to power Motherboard BK.  Play Maestro was created by The Go Game, which has been utilizing the platform for live events for over 15 years.  This powerful flexible software suite is designed to be used on any smartphone and can smartly route from 5 - 10,000 players through a conference, city or museum. 

Our events hope to leverage this platform to trigger sounds, 3D audio, locks and lights throughout the space.  We are also open to utilizing your existing technology and integrating into the game platform. 

The Builders

Many thanks goes to Eric Forman, who designed and build the LED light art piece on the first floor.  Spanning the length of the wall, it took months of painstaking labor to produce this awe inspiring piece of work. 

Symmetry Labs deserves much praise for assisting us with the LED software and installation mapping that allows us to control the light wall through our platform as well as other wearable devices. 

Design credit for the interior of the space goes to Natalie Stone, Lian Walden, Katya Stepnova and Cary Miller. 

Evan Babb has developed the cornerstone of the platform integration. 

Easy Interface

Build your game in our drag and drop interface that powers events around the world. No technical knowledge necessary.

We have players use their own phones for games, so we have them log in on their browser, and the platform works great that way. The variety of challenges you can build is amazing. It’s so customizable, very helpful when selling to our clients.”
— Elena in Romania


Smart Routing
White Wash
10 Template Game Types
Offline Mode
Real Time Editing
Connects to Arduino and over OSC using PubNub
Any browser, iOS or Android device