Arduino Boards

Arduino Boards

Everyone at Motherboard BK is always striving to make games more and more exciting and interactive for the players. Using Arduino boards is one way to do just that. Arduino boards are microcontrollers that read and emit infrared light signals to stimulate responses from other pieces of technology. That might sound complicated, but one of the best things about Arduino boards is that they are actually very accessible. Not only are they found in our daily life in things like remote controls and light switches, but the makers of Arduino have made sure that their products are comprehensible for everyone by providing tutorials and kits that nearly anyone can learn to use. On their website, they supply many projects for even the least experienced customer: in other words, lots of fun Do-It-Yourself ideas based around Arduino boards! Here are some of our favorites for you to try yourself.


  • Beginner Arduino Project: Build your own Electric Piano!

    • Well, sort of, anyway. By keeping to the instructions detailed on their website and in the process hooking up 7 different resistors, one can create their own little piano on their Arduino board that plays all the notes in the Middle C range. It even comes with a code for a menu of preset songs that it will play for you, no musical experience required!

    • The project involves an Arduino board, a Piezo buzzer, an LCD screen, fairly simple and mostly pre-made code, and any other customization that you’d like! It’s a fun project for beginners that the makers of Arduino say will only take 2 hours.

    • Try to build it yourself! Here's the link. Scroll down for instructions.


  • Beginner Arduino Project: Open your garage door through the internet using Arduino!

    • Just as the title says, you can use Arduino boards and your smartphone to open the door of your Garage through the internet. This very doable project can be useful for your own home, or perhaps as an application to help your parents or extended family park their cars more easily.

    • This project involves an Arduino Uno, an Arduino Etherten, and a more advanced but mostly pre-made code. Your smartphone can access the project once connected to the webserver.

    • Try to build it yourself! Here’s the link. Scroll down for instructions.


  • Intermediate Arduino Project: Play Tetris on your Arduino!

    • By basically connecting a Color LCD screen to your Arduino board and, of course, following through on the instructions detailed in the project, you can make your own little Tetris arcade machine! (It’ll look a lot more like an Arduino board, but we can pretend.)

    • The project involves an Arduino board, a mini SmartGPU containing a Color LCD screen, and a more advanced but mostly pre-made code. Though the mini SmartGPU isn’t exactly cheap, it can be used for many different projects and, depending on your interests, can be a great investment!

    • Try to build it yourself! Here’s the link. See the description for instructions.


  • Intermediate Arduino Project: Control a car using Arduino?!

    • To be fair, it’s not a real car: it’s more like a bunch of wires with wheels, but you can drive it with a remote controller! This projects is more advanced, but completing it definitely grants you bragging rights. You can learn a lot about Arduino accessories doing this project, too, which is worth it if you’re interested and looking for more practice using Arduino products!

    • This project involves an Arduino Uno, an Arduino shield, a camera, fairly complicated wiring, and completely pre-made code. According to their website, the project is not as complicated as it seems, but it’s certainly not for beginners.

    • Try to build it yourself! Here’s the link. Scroll down for instructions.


  • Advanced Arduino Project: Build the TeleBall, a retro handheld gaming device!

    • The TeleBall is similar to handhelds like the original Nintendo Gameboy, but it’s not available for sale anywhere — you have to make it yourself with the help of Arduino boards! If assembled properly, you can play Atari’s infamous 1976 Arcade Game, “BreakOut,” or play a game of tennis with someone else in a multiplayer mode. You can even connect it to your computer via USB port and code some of your own games, if you’re willing to put in the time.

    • The project involves Arduino boards,  3D Printing, complicated wiring, several different coding languages, and printed circuit boards. However, since a lot of the project is pre-coded and many of the materials are already assembled, the project is more doable than it seems and definitely pays off!

    • Try to build it yourself! Here’s the link. Scroll down for instructions.


For more project ideas, see the Arduino playground. There are lots of tutorials for people with all kinds of experience. We hope you enjoy working with the Arduino boards. If you don’t get to try these projects yourself, come see Arduino boards in action with Motherboard BK. See you there!